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Birger, Ena, Henrik & Kristina Jensen
Høvestensvej 25, Ørslevvester
4173 Fjenneslev
Phone: +45 57 80 85 89
Member of DKK and DLK 

Latest News

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11-01-14: Finally there is news about our upcomming litter. We are expecting puppies in the middle of March.The puppy page is updated.

29-06-14: The puppy page is updated with more information about our comming litter.

13/4-14: The entire homepage has been updated. A new page has been added: Buying a puppy.
We have made summaries for the show results of 2013 & 2012 and more recent pictures have been added of: Manse, Samson, Lucky, Fie, Rosa, Wilma, Arthur, Maggie and Oline.

12/1-14: We are planning a litter in 2014 - more info on the puppy page.
The dog page as well as Snebjørns & Wilmas pages are also updated.

24/2-13: 4 of Molly and Bobo's puppies have now left for their new homes, the last one is staying with us:-) We have updated with some pictures from their last and  8th week here.

17/2-13: The puppies are now 7 weeks old and we have updated with some pictures from the past week.

10/02-13: More puppy pictures - now they are 6 weeks old.

03/02-13: The page is updated with pictures from the puppies 5th week.

27/01-13: See the latest pictures from the puppies 4th week here.

20/01-13: New pictures from the puppies 3rd week.

13/01-13: The puppies are now 2 weeks old, here are some pictures from their 2nd week.

06/01-13: New pictures from the puppies first week here.

Molly has had her puppies, More info and pictures on the puppy page

Molly with her new born puppies

08-12/12: MOLLY IS PREGNANT:-)
An ultrasound scan has confirmed that Molly is pregnant. More info on the puppy page

26/10-12: We have had a visit from wonderful Bobo, and we are hoping that Molly is now pregnant. You can find more info about this combination on the puppy page which is updated.

Bobo & Molly

18/08-12: We are planning to mate Molly with Gullefjuns Gumse next time she is in heat.

01/08-12: It is with great sorrow we have had to say goodbye to Mulan, she was the first dog of our own breeding, and she has always been very special to us.

05/06-12: CONGRATULATIONS to the First-litter on their 7 year old birthday today:-)

20/02-12: Unfortunately Molly is not pregnant, we will try again next time. More info to come.

15/04-12: CONGRATULATIONS to the Soft-litter on their 1 year birthday today. 

01/04-12: The show results from 2011 are updated, and there is added a brief summary of the obtained results, which includes Molly as Lioness of the year, Jade as champion of the year and Maggie as breeding bitch of the year:-)
The page with our dogs is also updated.

31/03-12: CONGRATULATIONS to Samson and Lucca!! Who was BOB & BOS on DLK's specilality show today.

BOB Lucca & BOS Samson

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