Buying a puppy

We want to give the puppies born here the best possible start in life and prepare them as good as we can for their future lives in their new homes. We do that by: 

  • raising the puppies in our kitchen, as part of our family and having close contact with them every day.
  • Keeping puppies and mother under adult supervision at all times, our puppies are never home alone. 
  • socialising the puppies with different impressions and experiences, for instance other animals, children, guests, and small excursions in the nearby environment. 
  • letting the puppies play outside, as much as the weather allows it.
  • feeding the puppies with quality products specifically for their age and size.

All puppies from our kennel:

  • have a pedigree from the Danish Kennel Club (DKK).
  • have an individual health exam and a health certificate from a veterinarian.
  • are microchipped.
  • have been dewormed. 

In return we expect that our puppy buyers are looking for a dog to be part of their family, and that they sign the standard purchase agreement from the Danish Kennel Club with our additional requirements:

  • The dog must be HD and ED x-rayed.
  • In the event that you are not able to keep the dog, we have first right of purchase.

If you whish to be written up for a puppy, you are welcome to contact us. If it is at all possible, we prefer that everyone comes to visit, prior to being written up for a puppy, in order for us to balance expectations, and each have the chance to consider if it is the right match.

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